Lease/develop your land

      Own a piece of land. Want to develop it into an asset ?

    How to do that

    • If you own a piece of land and want to develop it into a recurring asset
    • Fill in your details in the contact us form section given below
    • We will contact you and discuss the lease/developer agreement
    • Once the lease/developer agreement is done, we will begin the construction work
    • These construction work will give you life long rental incomes
    • You grow richer day by day

    How does it happen

    In a leasehold land, the authority remains the primary owner of the land and developer becomes the first owner of the land

    Why choose us ?

    Ganpati Infratech are a group of builders who made their mark as leading developers of space in Varanasi. As a milestone, we now have more than 500 happy families enjoying their lives in homes we have built for them.

    With a series of path-breaking benchmark projects, the group has been winning numerous accolades and constantly delivering unmatched value and substances to hundreds of families.

    Rental Agreement: Ganpati Infratech

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