What does a BHK stand for ?

What is BHK ?

In a unit, BHK stands for bedroom, hall, and kitchen. In this article, learn everything there is to know about the phrase.
A home buyer must decide on the property’s configuration, such as 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK, in addition to their budget and geographical preferences. Before that, one must first comprehend what a BHK is.

What does a BHK stand for?

The abbreviation BHK stands for bedroom, hall, and kitchen. It’s a metric for expressing the number of rooms in a building. A 2BHK, for example, indicates that the home contains two bedrooms, one hall, and a kitchen. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom flat has three bedrooms, a hall, and a single kitchen. Even if there are two bathrooms/toilets, sellers may or may not promote it that way, but the number of bedrooms will always be mentioned.
1BHK is 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen

2BHK is 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

3BHK is 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

4BHK is 4 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

All of them have a bath and toilet space, even if the acronym does not include a ‘T’ as in a toilet space. Some vendors may advertise their home as a 3BHK+2T home. The term “2T” here refers to two toilets. This is done to emphasize the advantage of having more room.


The abbreviation ‘BHK‘ is used to describe the layout of not only flats but also villas, single-family homes, builder-floor houses, and bungalows. The term “BHK” does not apply to plots unless it is being used to indicate to future potential – for example, “You can build a 3BHK house on this plot.”

What is BHK ?

What is 0.5 BHK ?

Developers have been experimenting with a variety of popular forms with home buyers. A 0.5BHK may be sufficient for very small families or single professionals. It refers to an apartment with a somewhat smaller bedroom than a conventional bedroom, a bath/toilet, and a kitchen.

What is 1.5 BHK ?

A 1.5BHK property contains a large master bedroom and a smaller bedroom that can be utilized as a bedroom, study, library, servant room, or even a storage room.

What is 2.5 BHK ?

Two bedrooms plus a small room, which can be utilized as a storeroom or servant room, make up a 2.5BHK home. Particularly in the Delhi-National Capital Region, such apartments are becoming increasingly popular (NCR). Mid-sized families with four to five members frequently prefer these since they provide the comfort of a three-bedroom home at a reasonable price.

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