Apartment buying guide- Vastu resolutions

    Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “science of architecture.”

    While it’s essential for homes to be designed as per Vastu recommendations, you can’t change walls once the house is constructed. The easier way is to follow these basic resoultions.

    Vastu for home - Ganpati Infratech

    Vastu resolutions :

    • Seat of the toilet should face North- South
    • Almirah and beds should be set very close to South-West wall
    • While drinking water, keep your face towards North-East
    • While taking meals , face should be in South-East
    • In south-west corner, one should sleep pointing his head towards South
    • Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form should not be placed in the residence
    • Keep north-east of any room or building as clean , open and clutter free
    • Don’t place a mirror directly in front of the bed
    • Grow a Tulsi plant in front of house , it is considered auspicious
    • Don’t keep bathroom doors open , close them after you use it
    • Under water tank is best to be constructed in North-East which is an ideal position.


    Before buying any apartment , you should check with the builder whether it has been designed as per Vastu recommendations. Furthermore , you should also inquire about the Vastu consultant for the group.

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