Apartment buying guide- Vastu basics

    Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “science of architecture.” Designing homes as per Vastu ensures good fortune and good luck for the people living in the apartment.

    We as humans, spend most of their time inside a building be it our home, office or anything else. Also, as a mater of fact each and every thing in the universe has some form of energy associated with them.

    Vastu aims to eliminate negative and enhance positive energy present at a place or location so that a person, family or even business inhabiting a building become prosperous and progressive.

    Vastu for home - Ganpati Infratech

    Vastu basics :

    • A puja room in the house is must in every house
    • Light a lamp daily evening near water pot in the house
    • Cactus should not be planted or kept inside the house
    • Statue of Hanumanji should not be placed in South – East direction
    • All doors should open inside so that energy may remain inside
    • Hinges of door should be noiseless.
    • Doors should open towards right hand
    • Bed should not be put under a beam
    • There should not be five corners in ceiling of a room
    • Efforts should be made to leave the rooms open on North-East side
    • While ascending the staircase, face should be either towards North or East


    Before buying any apartment , you should check with the builder whether it has been designed as per Vastu recommendations. Furthermore , you should also inquire about the Vastu consultant for the group.

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