More and more NRI’s buying homes for rental income


    NRI buying homes in Varanasi for income. When it comes to investment , Real Estate is the first choice for Indians , be it the ones residing in India or residing abroad. NRI’s are now switching from buying luxury homes to affordable homes, the reason being simple : better rental income and greater capital appreciation.

                    As per a survey done by Anarock Property Consultants, affordable housing is likely to give stronger  returns of 8-10 percent while returns of 6-8 percent are likely mid-segment, and on the contrary beliefs, luxury and ultra luxury properties are likely to give returns of  3-5 percent and 2-3 percent respectively.

                  NRIs, the ones who are the probable end-users are looking at buying now and also putting them on rent in the beginning and few years down the line, since they are planning to return to India, they could stay in them.

                    Furthermore , theres also movement in shared workspaces and shared accommodation.

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